Meet the Team

Yes, I said team because it's not just myself but my brokerage that you will be working with closely. You need experienced individuals in your corner and HomeLife Excelsior will deliver. I'm always looking to expand my partnerships, so please reach out as well if interested.

Aaron Chin


My Story

I've always had an interest in the Real Estate market whether it's looking at homes I'd want to live in when I was a kid, to watching HGTV home renovation and investment shows, I was intrigued. I set out 8 years ago to get my license and since then invested, consulted and even oversaw the full-scale renovation of my home.

Having worked as a sales professional for the past 10 years, I bring a highly effective skill-set along with a passion for the industry that will achieve results. I'm going to be able to ask the hard questions, negotiate the best deal, and know when it's better to walk away.

What most don't know about me is my training in the Property Investment arena. Having the knowledge of the fundamental components of making the best investment can go a long way setting yourself up for success in future.

My Approach

Everyone seems to know someone in the industry these days and have an opinion on the market. I first want to learn more about you. What are the short-term goals and your long-term vision, and why is right now the right timing to make a move? I could be the top agent in the city, but unless I'm aligned with you are you really getting what you want at the end of the day? The question you need to ask is whether you're being convinced or are convinced the decisions you're making are the correct ones for you.

Next Steps...

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